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In this constitution, unless the context indicates otherwise:

“Club” means the Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Rugby Club;

“Nelson Mandela University” means the Nelson Mandela University;

“University” means the Nelson Mandela University ;

“Student” means a registered student at the Nelson Mandela University;

“SGM” means Special General Meeting  

“AGM.” means the Annual General Meeting

“Members” mean the paid up and registered members of the club;

“USSA” means Universities Sport South Africa.

“EPRU” means Eastern Province Rugby Union

“SARU” means South African Rugby Union

            “FNB” means First National Bank.


1          NAME

The name of this club shall be the Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Rugby Club (hereinafter referred to as the Club).

2          STATUS

As a club registered at the University, the Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Rugby Club has no legal standing and operates under the auspices of Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Sport

3          MISSION

The mission of the Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Rugby Club is:

3.1.      To provide the University community (students and staff) ample opportunity to participate in the sport on competitive and recreational level.

3.2.      To use every opportunity to market the University positively through presenting professional programs and achieving excellent results.

3.3.      To present and become involved in community outreach programs within the framework of the coordinated programme of Madibaz Sport.



The aims and objectives of the Club shall be the following:

4.1       To be recognized universally as one of the leading University rugby clubs in South Africa. 

5          COLOURS

The colors of the Club shall be as contained in the corporate sport branding guide of the Nelson Mandela University

6          FUNCTIONING

The Club has full responsibility and independent decision making powers in all rugby related matters subject to the following:

6.1       Madibaz Sport co-ordinates and arranges all general matters concerning sport, such as controlling and supervising the use of facilities, clubhouses, etc.

6.2       Participation of the Club in all tournaments and leagues, both locally and at tertiary level, shall be with the approval of and co-ordinated by Madibaz Sport .

6.3       The Chairperson of the Club shall attend all the meetings of Chairpersons Forum of all Madibaz sports clubs. At such meetings, which are held at least two times a year, common sports matters are discussed.

6.4       The Director of Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Sport, together with the appointed Marketing Consultant, will oversee all negotiations entered into with companies and individuals to enlist sponsors and supporters for the Club.

6.5.      The Director of Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Sport will oversee all contractual negotiations on behalf of the Club

7          AFFILIATION

7.1       The Club shall affiliate to the Eastern Province Rugby Union.

7.2       The Club shall affiliate to USSA Rugby.


8          MEMBERSHIP

The following persons shall be eligible for membership of the Club.

8.1       All bono fide registered students at, and all members of staff in the service of, the University as well as members of the Community who have paid their registration fees..

8.2       All Nelson Mandela University Sport Clubs are in principle open clubs. The Club, however, has the right, by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting, to determine whether non-bona fide students may or may not become members of the Club. The nature and character of the Club, as a student club, must however always be retained.

8.3       Only bona fide students of the University may participate in Varsity Cup, Varsity Sport competitions, Inter-Varsity and SA Tertiary and USSA tournaments.


9          VOTING RIGHTS

9.1       All student members of the University registered with the Club as well as Staff and Community members who have paid their membership fees for the year have the right to vote at the AGM, an SGM and elections of the Club.

9.2.1    Members to whom the Club Committee has offered membership may also vote at meetings. These members may not exceed 20% of the total members of the Club.


10        MEETINGS


10.1.1             The Club shall hold at least two general meetings during the course of the year, one during each semester, to inform members of activities.

10.1.2             Notice of a general meeting must be given seven days before the meeting.  The agenda must accompany the notice.

10.1.3             A notice of any meeting of members of the Club is only deemed official if the notice has been posted on all notice boards.

10.1.4            A quorum at any of the members’ meetings of the Club is constituted by 20% of the members.



10.2.1             A SGM can be called by the Executive or by 10% of the fully paid up members of the Club to make constitutional

                       changes prior to the AGM or to inform members of important business.

10.2.2             Notice of the SGM and the Agenda of the meeting must be circulated to member7 days before the meeting.

10.2.3             A notice of the meeting of the members will only be deemed official if notice is posted on all notice boards.



10.3.1             An AGM must be held during September of each year.

10.3.2             Notice of an AGM must be given at least seven days in advance.  The agenda must accompany the notice.

10.3.3             Copies of minutes of the AGM, annual report and financial report, must be handed in to the Deputy Director: Performance Sport within 14 calendar days..

10.3.4             If a quorum is not present at the time of the duly convened AGM the meeting will be postponed for 30 minutes after which it will proceed as if a quorum were present.

10.3.5             Resolutions taken at an AGM are only binding if they are adopted by a majority vote and within the framework of the authority of the Club in terms of this constitution and Madibaz Sport Policies.



11.1    The Club affairs shall be controlled and directed by an Executive Committee which shall be elected at an AGM and shall consist of the following members: -

11.1.1    President

11.1.2    Vice- President

11.1.3    Manager Rugby

11.1.4    Club Chairperson

11.1.5.   Senior Player Representative

11.1.6    Junior Player Representative

11.1.7    Additional Member Finance

11.1.8    Additional Member Marketing

11.1.9    Additional Member Functions and Entertainment     

11.1.10  Koshuis Rugby Committee Representative.

11.1.11  Ex-officio members of all committees:

              - Director of Sport Nelson Mandela University

              - Deputy Directors of Madibaz Sport


11.2    Nominations for the various portfolios shall be called for 7 days prior to an AGM meeting and will be closed one day before the meeting. If not enough nominations are received nominations may be called for from the floor and accepted at the meeting.

11.3    Members may be re-elected in their current portfolios. If no nominations are received for a specific portfolio and the present member in that portfolio is available for re-election that person shall be deemed to have been elected.

11.4    Voting at the meeting shall be by secret ballot.

11.5    Thirty percent of the executive must be bona-fide students.



12.1    The Executive Committee of the Club in accordance with the relevant Manager: Rugby shall organize and co-ordinate the activities and give effect to the strategic direction of the Club.

12.2    The Executive Committee of the Club shall meet monthly and report to the members at general meetings where decisions will be noted.

12.3    All disciplinary matters in the Club and against its members while participating in matches must be reported immediately to the Director of Madibaz Sport

12.4    The Director of Madibaz Sport shall have the power, in any disciplinary matter submitted to him, to take the matter up with the Club via the Executive Committee of the Club which will act as the disciplinary committee.

12.5    The Executive Committee of the Club shall hear, deal with, consider and decide upon protests or reports submitted by members.

12.6    The Director of Sport, Deputy Director Performance Sport, Sport Manager Rugby and the Executive Committee of the Club shall be responsible for:

12.6.1             Determining policy for the Club, subject to the general policy of Madibaz Sport.

12.6.2             Provide guidance to Manager Rugby  on needs within the Club and Club members on general managerial matters;

12.6.3             Establish a strategic plan for the Club with the accompanying managerial guidelines for achieving set objectives;

12.6.4             Perform Executive duties as contained in this constitution provisions concerning offices and portfolios;

12.6.5             Regularly evaluate to determine the success achieved by the Club.

12.7    Vacancies on the Executive Committee may be filled by elections called by the Executive Committee of the Club during the year or by co-opting members into the vacancies.

12.8    The Executive Committee of the Club may appoint sub-committees as the need arises.







13.1    The Executive committee shall meet monthly.

13.2    Minutes of meetings must be circulated to all Executive members as well as the Deputy Director Performance Sport within 7 days after the meeting.

14        FINANCE

14.1    Financial administration must be in accordance with the general procurement policies and guidelines of the University and Madibaz Sport.

14.2    No orders for sport equipment, clothing or any capital items may be placed without the prior approval of the Manager Rugby: Madibaz Sport and subject to ratification by the Executive committee.


15.1    Members who have obtained full Provincial, USSA National or National colours during the year will be nominated for Nelson Mandela University Colours. Nominations will be finalized by the committee and presented to the Sport Committee before the last day of September.

15.2    Members who performed exceptionally during the year will be nominated for the various awards annually presented by Madibaz Sport at the Annual Achievers Awards Function.


16.1    This constitution may only be amended at a SGM preceding the AGM and only if such amendments are subject to the rules and regulations as determined by Madibaz Sport..

16.2    An amendment shall be adopted only if at least two-thirds of the registered members present at the meeting vote in favor of such amendment.


Should the Club be dissolved, all equipment, apparatus and documents shall be entrusted to the care of the Director of Madibaz Sport.

This constitution and all amendments thereto are subject to the rules and regulations as determined by Madibaz Sport.



10  SEPTEMBER 2008

The proposal that the First Team Captain serve as the Senior Player Representative and the U 21 Captain serve as the Junior Player Representative of the Club Executive was accepted and adopted.


The name of the Club was changed from the FNB Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Rugby Club ( FNB Nelson Mandela University) to the FNB Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Madibaz Rugby Club (FNB Nelson Mandela University Madibaz) to fall in line with the new University branding policy. Motion accepted and adopted.

The name SASU (South African Student Sport) to change to USSA(University Sport South Africa) as was adopted by the National Student Sport body governing all student sport in South Africa. Motion accepted and adopted.


The name of the Club was changed to the Nelson Mandela University Madibaz Rugby Club