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Bursary Applications

Are you currently a menber of the Nelson Mandela University Rugby Clubs or do you aspire to become a member of the club?

To apply for a bursary at the Nelson Mandela University Rugby Club, you either have to be a student at the Nelson Mandela University playing for the club sides, or be a prospective student of the Nelson Mandela University who intends to play rugby for the club.

Prospective Students- Applicants who intend to study at the Nelson Mandela University, have to provide us with a copy of their temporary student number that appears on their application form and the bursary apllication form. Bursaries can only be awarded to apllicants in possession of a official acceptance letter to their intended course of study at the Nelson Mandela University.

Making an application- Simply fill in the application form and mail it to: Theresa Le Roux, PO Box 77000, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Campus, Port Elizabeth, 6031, South Africa or deliver by hand to Theresa Le Roux at the Sport Bureau, South Campus, Port Elizabeth. Prospective applicants can also mail it to -

Where do I find the application form? - Download the document at the bottom of the page.

For any to fourther information please do not hesitate to contact Theresa Le roux at tel: 041 504 3145

Contact information
Mrs Theresa Le Roux
Sport Manager: Tennis, Squash, Chess, Golf, Cycling
Tel: 041504 3145

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